O u r   S e r v i c e s 

A b o u t   O u r   s e r v i c e s 

  • @Web sites & Front-end development

    Our strength lies in custom production "tailored" apps and websites to each customer, a feature not found in major production companies. Typically, production and operations involve various departments, making prompt responses challenging. Our company has organized a structure with a small team to respond quickly to customer needs.

  • @E-commerce development

    For small businesses, having their own SNS and EC site is essential for expanding their business. What we can do is assist these customers in the operation, attracting customers, and promotion of their SNS and EC sites.

  • @Web Systems & Applications

    We offer various apps for individual business owners and small to medium-sized enterprises, including attendance management apps, reservation systems, support chatbots, internal SNS, cloud storage systems, and more.

  • @SNS Marketing & Advertising solutions

    We not only handle the creation of your website and SNS operation but also provide extensive support in online market analysis, website and SNS access analytics, business strategy, and consulting. Additionally, we offer advertising support on various platforms such as Instagram, LINE, Facebook, and more.

  • @Market Analysis and Export Italian manifactured products to Japan

    We also provide marketing and export market analysis support services both domestically(in japan) and internationally! If u are interested to import italian products in you country please countact us!